Let me tell you about 2015.

Last year was the first time I made New Year’s resolutions.  After my first semester of college, in order to continue to push myself to do and be my best, I had to put some things down in writing.

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So, like any student of the 21st century, I made my resolutions in the Reminders section of my phone.

My first semester, it was really difficult to establish myself in a campus ministry.  However, it was in Nashville Navigators that I decided to stay, as it was there that I learned how to make my relationship with God very much my own.  A big part of that was spending time every day in His presence, and letting that guide my life more than my own desire for control.

Finding time every day to spend with God is challenging.  In my fast-paced life at college, there is always one more thing to do.  Carving out time every day to forget about the constant barrage of additions to my to-do list, and turn my attention instead to my Creator and Savior, was more refreshing and rewarding than I could have imagined.  In 2014, it happened, but it wasn’t very consistent.  The same goes for going to Navs every week – the time I spend with these people is invaluable to my development as a follower of Christ.  But some nights, it’s really easy to say I have too much homework, and stay home instead.  It’s only two hours – it’s not too hard to squeeze in every week!  That’s why both of these things are staying on my list for 2015.

My first semester of college was also when I met my best friend Jessica, who got me into running.  I kept it up all summer long, but when it came to the fall semester, I wasn’t in the shape to run and do marching band and do homework and get enough sleep all at the same time (major kudos to my friend Jess, who did all that AND ran her first half-marathon!).  This year, I’m determined to make running part of my everyday life – I really did miss it this semester, so it must be worth doing in 2015.

photo 3

Two down, three to go.

Here’s what my resolutions looked like at the end of 2014!  I definitely got it together this year when it came to keeping my dorm room (and to some degree, my room at home) in better order, and I found some pen pals and wrote a LOT of letters.  I’m so grateful for that last resolution because it led me to some amazing new friendships, helped me continue old friendships, and got me back into writing again, which led me to this blog – which leads me to my resolutions for 2015!

photo 2

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – so I went with the same format for 2015 as 2014.  I’m keeping my top three as I truly believe they’re really integral to my life.  I added two – write a blog post at least once a week and respond to emails, calls, texts, letters, etc. within three days.  

The first one is pretty self-explanatory: you’re already here!  But actually, in order to capture my journey and make this blog a valuable part of my life and share it with others, I at least want to tell you about one thing a week.

In 2014, I realized the best way to respect others is to respond when contacted, and I plan on doing a better job of this in the coming year.  It’s so frustrating to experience, and it’s not fair to others when it takes me a week to answer an email, and it’s harder on my friendships, too.

Why am I dedicating this entire post to telling you all about my New Year’s resolutions?  This year, they were a huge part of my life.  It’s incredibly reassuring to put something down in writing that you can go back and look at in moments of discouragement.  And that’s what I hope to share with this blog – all of the moments and people and places I’ve been that continue to make me into a new romantic.  I can only hope in 2015, I’m able to find joy in even rarer beauty and originality, and share it with even more of the world.


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