Let me tell you about my friend Zoe.

When I first began this blog, I made it my goal to not only include the rare and simple beauty in the things in my life, or the experiences I had, but also the people who have made my life what it is today.  I’ve already mentioned a few of them, but today I’m dedicating this post to telling you about my friend Zoe.


This is my friend Zoe!

I met Zoe at marching band camp last August; we were both in the piccolo section and my dorm was on her way home, so she generously gave me a ride home one night.  Then she picked me back up the next morning so I wouldn’t have to walk.  And we became fast friends!


Piccolo buddies at a game (Jessica, me & Zoe)

I believe what makes Zoe a new romantic is her genuine friendship.  She not afraid to be open and honest with her emotions, and gives her friendship freely.  Likewise, she has given me the chance to be open and honest with my emotions around her, and has supported me in spirit, in prayer, and in company through some really tough times.  I think of my friendship with Zoe as not simply having a friend, but having a friend to do life with – and this is a rare and beautiful thing to find in another person.

This semester, I’ve gotten to watch Zoe take an incredible journey of faith that has taken her out of her comfort zone and into a whole new world of possibilities.  It has been a joy to watch her draw near to God and rejoice in His presence, as well as an encouragement to me in the middle of my own struggles.  To me, her faith is a perfect example of beauty in the common – it seems like a most ordinary thing, but having watched her steps to honor and pursue God with the way she lives her life, I can tell you her faith is incredible and uncommon.

Today, Zoe and I met for Starbucks one last time before she transfers colleges and moves an hour away. (Check out the blog she’s started to document the adventure of furnishing her apartment here).  I’m going to miss our random hangouts, our adventures driving around Nashville, our crazy stories, and exchanging worship songs and scripture.  But I’m only going to miss doing all these things with Zoe in person – just because someone has moved doesn’t mean they have to leave your life!  I’m so grateful to know her and be blessed by her friendship and love this sweet friend of mine this past semester and into the future.

There’s a worship song I love by All Sons & Daughters whose chorus says “You have called me higher / You have called me deeper / and I’ll go where you will lead me, Lord.”  This is exactly what this friend is doing with her life – trusting God and pursuing her career on her own at a new school.  Zoe, I can’t wait to see where God calls you next!



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