Let me tell you about my friend Jerry.

The funny thing about my friend Jerry is I actually don’t have a clue if that’s how you spell her name.  I met Jerry in Chicago Midway Airport waiting to fly back to Nashville after Thanksgiving break.  We immediately connected over books, faith and family, and had one of the best conversations.  She was someone I immediately felt a connection with as we quickly shared not just our names and hometowns with one another, but our faith journeys and personal stories, and that’s why I call her a friend.

Similar to my friendship with Jerry is my friendship with Anahi, who lives in this village in Belize.  Ana and I immediately connected over our stories and faith backgrounds when I met her on my first trip there, and we’ve stayed in touch and shared life together ever since.  We may not see each other more than once a year, if that, but our friendship is real and true all the same.

God brings people into our lives when we least expect it.  Right now, I’m sitting in another airport waiting to fly to Chicago so I can go to another airport so I can go to Belize!  This will be my third trip to the same rural village, San Antonio Rio Hondo.  At first, I was pretty anxious.  This will likely be my last trip for awhile due to school conflicts, this is my third time back, and I’m so nervous about making it count.  Isn’t that silly?  God has a plan for me on this trip, and nothing I do can get in His way – how wonderful and reassuring is that!  Who knows what He has in store for me along the way, and who He will put in my path?  Instead of asking, “What can I do?” it’s much more valuable to spend time asking God, “What will YOU do on this trip?”  I can’t wait to share the answer with you when I return!

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