Let me tell you about my cousins.

Long time, no post!  Just kidding.  I’ve had a little more free time lately, so I’ve been able to pursue a couple ideas I hadn’t before!  However, I’m back home in Nashville so I’m sure you’ll be hearing that tagline again soon as things begin to pick up around here.

On our way down, we got to stop and get together with some of my cousins for a night, which was a blast.  There were several games of tag after dinner, summer stories swapped and quite a bit of laughter throughout the night.  Emma, Maddie and I even got to spend some girl time together watching Sense & Sensibility because I was staying the night!  As always, my cousins brought me so much joy.  It made me realize that as much time as I’ve spent telling you about a few of the constant supports in my life, like my God, and my friends, I haven’t touched much on my family.  That changes today.  Get ready, you’re about to meet my 21 cousins!

On my mom’s side . . .



Emma is my rock.  We grew up practically as sisters, and now we can serve each other as sisters in Christ! Not only is she a mature and wise person to lean on, but she keeps me accountable in my walk with God, which is such a blessing.  Also, she’s a fabulous cook.


Madeline is 100% sunshine.  She has a servant’s heart and a quick wit, and she loves dairy cows.  She is also so patient and good with her siblings, something I admire!

madeline      emma&maddie

Caden never fails to make me laugh.  No one can best his knowledge of the farm and cattle, and he loves regaling us with stories of his adventures!

Olivia is a wonderful storyteller!  She is also patient and a hard worker, and has such a sweet smile.


Hope loves hugs!  She makes every conversation more lively with her jokes and laughter, and it’s a joy to be around her.


Ella has the sweetest spirit, and a big grin!  She is so honest and kind in everything she does, and her big blue eyes practically sparkle when she’s laughing!

Leah and I have the best conversations!  I love listening to her stories and learning how she sees the world.  She’s also great at braiding hair.

ella & leah

Leah on my left & Ella on my right!

Joel they all call Little Buddy.  His games and jokes keep us all laughing, and he too is a expert on the farm!

James is who I have to thank for teaching me how to survive in a pillow fight, nicknaming me Allie Cat, and giving me a theme song.  He’s super down-to-earth and we always have great conversations, but he’s also a prankster, you’ve got to look out!  I don’t think there’s any video game he can’t beat.

20140811_235427163_iOS    20140812_022110278_iOS

Sam always gives me a hug when I see him, and he too will have you in stitches laughing with his comments and jokes, when you least expect it!  His collection of graphic t-shirts is my favorite.


I went deep into the archives for this one, but it’s absolutely my favorite shot of Sam.

Anna Banana is my sweet girl. We’ve gone from dance parties to nail art to gymnastics to Mad Libs and back again, and no matter what we’re up to, it’s always a blast!  However, our favorite would probably have to be shopping – watch out when we take on Bath & Body Works.  She’s incredible at power tumbling, and so perceptive and mature!


anna4     20150530_220504420_iOS

Will and I grew up bonded together by a mutual love for Scooby-Doo and Pokemon. Now that we’re older, you can usually find him giving me a hard time, but I know he’ll always have my back!

Caroline is my mini-me.  I was at the hospital when she was born, and she grew up with me for a babysitter/playmate!  From Dora days to random dancing and gymnastics, I am so proud of her the older and wiser she gets, and I love the fact that she’ll never stop wearing bows.

caroline     caroline3


Smith is a hoot and a half.  He has the most innocent and genuine way of saying things, which I love, and his expressions and mannerisms always crack me up! He’s also the most popular person in his neighborhood – everybody wants to be Smith’s friend.

smith     20150530_230937887_iOS




my girls

On my dad’s side . . . 

11045479_906468532725916_3450879559163066907_n     10151924_10202077599516934_5557635493510504607_n

Cole is a killer football player who’s about to take on his senior season at Apollo.  He’s smart and funny (even when he teases me for eating so many O’Charley’s rolls…) and I love getting to hang with him listening to music, catching up on life or watching Big Bang!


Cade taught me how to be much better at backyard wiffleball!  He’s also into archery and he makes me laugh, so that’s pretty awesome.

Ashley is the big sister I never had!  She was patient enough to listen to my stories and play Mall Madness with me when I was little, and she has an awesome job in Seattle now!

Harrison starts his freshman year at WKU this fall!  When we were little, we built a hideout one Christmas and I taught him how to add double-digit numbers, so he was preparing me for my future career way back when.


Peyton is an INCREDIBLE dancer!  Her passion and joy for what she does is so fun for me to hear about, and she has big and bright plans for her future and love for her friends and family.

168154_1592603170401_2362140_n     20150517_014647676_iOS

Briley is the best at imagination!  She is so creative and spunky and I LOVE getting to play with her when we’re together, and getting texts from her when we’re not!

briley     261317_1881439911139_907385_n

“Allie, spin me!!”

Eliannah loves making up games alongside her sister, and they crack me up.  I love how freely she gives love away, she is so dear and sweet!


These 21 people are a pretty big part of who I am, and what makes me a new romantic – I fall more in love with my life every time I’m around them, because they show me love, grace, and Jesus in all the memories we make together!  I can’t imagine God giving me anyone different, and I’m so grateful for that.


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