Let me tell you – my story is featured on Throwing Pinecones!

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Hello friends – and happy November!  Where is the time going?  I leave for Thanksgiving break in three short weeks, and it’s a quick leap from there to finals and the end of the semester.  What a scary thought – especially since it’s very much a reality that as each week passes, I have less time on campus this year.  In a lot of ways, I’m pretty afraid of that – of leaving all of the familiar behind, and going on to something totally new.

In fact, fear has been a theme in my life lately, something God has been using to teach me a lot about who He is.  Mostly, He has taught me the beauty and freedom to be found in taking that fear to the cross, letting go of the pen and letting Him write my story.  Which brings us to something very exciting!

I am so excited and grateful to share with y’all that today I am featured on Throwing Pinecones, one of my favorite blogs on WordPress.  Throwing Pinecones is created and run by Dusty Hegge, and her goal with this blog is to “empower women to cultivate a relationship with God that is undaunted by fear or failure” through devos, being vulnerable with her own story, and sharing her love for creativity and Jesus.  Another way she meets this goal is through the Rubies Project, a ministry designed to fight sex trafficking and share the stories of ordinary women to build God’s kingdom and make an impact for Christ.

I love Dusty’s blog because it is all about empowering each other as sisters in Christ, and building a community of vulnerability as we walk by faith and not by sight, even though that looks like something different for each of us.  Today I am sharing my story through the Rubies Project, and writing about the way fear has played a part in my life and brought me to a deeper understanding of God’s grace.  I would be honored if you took a look – just click the title of this post to visit the link!  I’m super excited for this opportunity to be vulnerable and put a piece of myself and my story into my writing that I haven’t before, especially for such a beautiful ministry that is such an encouragement in my own life. I would love to hear your thoughts and connect with you!

P.S. – One last thing about Throwing Pinecone’s and Dusty’s ministry – the Rubies Project will be launching the Rubies Parcel for preorder NEXT WEEK.  This is a package of awesome handmade goodies from different makers coming just in time for Christmas, and the proceeds from sales benefit an organization called She Has a Name which fights sex trafficking.  Check out Throwing Pinecones on Instagram and search for the tag #rubiesparcel to learn more! I know at least one person on my Christmas list will  be getting one this year! 😉


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