Let me tell you about Buenos Aires – cafe edition.

Our very first night in Buenos Aires, I noticed that the paper napkins at the pizza place had the name and the logo printed on the side.  Scrapbook-ortunity, I thought to myself, slipping one into my purse.  What started out as a cute way to remember where I’d been in the city quickly became something of a collection, and now I’ve got a long list of places I’ve been, with the logo-emblazoned, wax-paper napkins to prove it.

Buenos Aires is known for cafes on every corner – some are more traditional, some are very hip and modern, and some fall in between – but I decided to share just a few of my favorites.  The ones you see here are really something special, either because they were great places to get my caffeine fix while I did work, or because they were perfect spaces to come together with the friends I’ve made in my time here and talk life over great food and a cup of cafe con leche.  Plus, what better way to get out of the house than to do some internet research and go on a cafe adventure through the city?

Full City Coffeehouse – Palermo

French toast, cafe con leche, and hip exposed brick vibes

Felix Felicis & Co. – Palermo

Cozy space, hand-painted benches, chai latte, whimsy, and Harry Potter references galore

El Gato Negro – Corrientes

Vanilla & cinnamon tea, Monday night life chats with my dear friend Miranda, classic charm, and the black cat motif on every surface

Ninina Bakery – Palermo

Birthday brunch date with my sweet friend Alison, high ceilings and plenty of natural light, pancakes with fruit, tea, and the nicest waiter in the world

NEGRO – Microcentro

Cozy space, delicious food, lemonade with just a little too much lemon, cafe con leche, and wonderful company in my sweet friend Molly.

La Biela – Recoleta

A last-minute meeting with a friend I made in one of the street vendors at Feria Recoleta, waiters using professionalism to mask their sense of humor, hot tea that you pour through a strainer into your cup, and a wonderful example of a more traditional Buenos Aires cafe.

Le Ble – Caballito & Recoleta

One of my favorites! French-inspired menu and decor with locations throughout the city, home of bread bowls, spiced green chai tea, hours of conversation, and coffee mugs the size of my head.

Cafe Malvon – Villa Crespo

My favorite cafe in all of Buenos Aires.  Boasts whimsical decor, cozy seating, and ridiculously wonderful brunch options – from apple french toast to apple chicken sausage – in addition to friendly staff.  Quickly became our favorite brunch spot this semester! 


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